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A new copy day job?

April 19, 2010 4 comments

I have been busy looking for a new copy day-job (unrelated to the boss-catching-my-spelling-error incident detailed earlier) and have found that this has consumed me.

Why?  I do like my current day-job.  I like the people I work with and for.  I just know it’s time in my career to move on.  And now that I’ve made the big decision, I’m antsy.  Really antsy.  Not sleeping, neglecting my friends (blogger-friends do not despair!  My real-life, know where I live friends have been complaining too.  The word ‘intervention’ was mentioned several times), neglecting my manuscript, that I love, love, LOVE, until I had a MASSIVE HEAD EXPLOSION!!!


I have been picking little bits of brain and hair off my bedroom walls and trying to piece them back together into something resembling the general shape of my head.

The job hunt continues.  An over-indulgence in gin has helped me resume sleeping, and has happily doubled as acceptable socialising with human-friends.  I am now off to reconnect with blogger-friends.


Is your blog taking over your life?

March 18, 2010 4 comments

Okay, clearly not.

But I was only away from blogging for a little while and thrown into a tizzy.  Alarming.  Also, I frequent Copyblogger as a way to keep up-to-date with my day-job industry news and trends, and was inspired by this post.

So here is the question:  do we bloggers replace blog-socializing with actual socializing?

I find myself ducking out of the lounge to hide upstairs, gleefully reading all my guilty-pleasure blogs.  I have blog-conversations in the comment trails.  I post something here and wait for someone to comment.  And then I comment back.  It’s like talking, only I’m alone in my room.

And then if I’ve been away from my computer, I feel like I’ve been locked away in some sort of prison.  Only I haven’t.  I’ve been doing un-blog stuff.  Working.  Speaking.  Getting some sun (yes, even in London).   I think it’s called life.

But it feels incomplete without my blogger-friends.

Still.  I don’t neglect my people-friends.  I have heard no complaints since I started blogging.  Most of them don’t even know about this blog.

And so.

Of course we need to step away from our laptops and have people-conversations and people-friends.  But still.  It’s nice to have blogger-conversations and blogger-friends too.  It’s always nice to have another friend, after all.

Okay, enough fuzzy bloggy-love.  Promise to be cranky, gin-swilling,  sarcastic self in next post.