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Copywriting FAIL!

March 24, 2010 4 comments

Discussion between me and my boss yesterday:

Boss: Thanks for sending that spreadsheet through.

Me: No worries. [bloody hate spreadsheets! Don’t understand having to use Excel for copy even if it is a content schedule]

Boss: [chuckle, chuckle]

Me: [sinking feeling of despair] What?

Boss: How do you spell “description”?

Me: [Complete panic as have absolutely NO IDEA how to spell “description” without lovely, helpful MS Word and lovely, helpful squiggly red line and auto-correct function] What? Why? [shameless stalling tactic as desperately open MS Word and type in “discription” –auto change to “description”]

Boss: I can’t believe I’ve caught YOU out on a spelling error [snigger, snigger]

Me: What? No, surely not!  Description is spelled d-e-s-c-r-i-p-t-i-o-n.

Boss: You’ve spelled it d-i-s…

Me: No! Really? Sorry, must be a typo…

Boss: You’ve done it about 50 times on this one spreadsheet

Me: [Bollocks!] it’s excel…copy&paste

Boss: [unsure of what was said here as drowned out by laughter]

Helpful interjection by co-worker: FAIL!

Me: Shut-up [immediate hunt on job-boards]

Huh.  Considering career change.